1. Direct foreign export ( Major facilities in over 50 countries )
Model Applications
RFD-3000X Major Industrial Site in USA
RFD-3000X Gas industries in Mongolian district, China
RFD-3000X Petrochemical complex, China
RFD-3000X Oil & Gas industries in UAE
RFD-3000X Chemical Plant in Singapore
RFD-2000X Petrochemical complex, Taiwan
RFD-2000X Mitsubishi-Motors
RFD-2000X Oil Drilling, Iran
RFD-2000X Power Plant in Bangladesh
RFD-FIR Gas Station in Iran

2. Overseas factories
Ship Building - Cuba
Subic Factory -Philippines
Steel plant - Vietnam
3. Export marine-related equipment
Model Applications
Indirect export Over 2,000 Foreign Ships
Related equipment British and world wide
  - over 100 units

Automatic Fire Extinguisher - Cabinet type
Model Application site
RS-AES-07 Samsung Electronics (Foreign & Domestic)
RS-AES-45 LG Electronics in Korea
RS-AES-07 LG Electronics in China
RS-AES-07S SK Hynix (Foreign & Domestic)
RS-AES-07 SBL Lab in Korea
Model Site
RS-AES-23 Hyundai Heavy Industries in Korea
RS-AES-07S Doosan Infra-core
RS-AES-07S Neo-Biotech
RS-AES-07 Power Plants in Korea

Domestic major industrial sites ( Flame detector : UV/IR and IR3 )
Category Site
Gas Facilities Pyeong Taick LNG storage and more
Nuclear power generation Han-ul nuclear generator plant
Thermal Power Station Youngheung, Dangjin and other thermal power plant
Iron and Steel Facilities POSCO and most of major Iron and Steel Facilities
Shipyards Hyundai heavy industries and the most of major shipyards
Automobile Manufacturing Facilities Major automakers and venders, including Hyundai-Kia and GM Daewoo
Semi-conductor Facilities Samsung, LG, SK and so on
Refineries GS-Caltex, Samsung TOTAL and other major refineries
Major Chemical facility Samsung TOTAL, KCC and other major Chemical facilities
Airport All major airport including Incheon international airport
etcetera Commerical areas including One-mount mall, Hae-beach Hotel and more

Non Industrial Areas - Cultural Heritage
Form/Type Buyer
UNESCO World Heritage
   (7 out of 8 places in Korea)
(4 Major Palaces, Jongmyo Shrine , Suwon Hwaseong Fortress )
Historical sites (Gwanghwamun Gate , Ojukheon House , Gwanghallu Garden and so on)
Cultural Art Facilities (Sejong Performing Art Centers, Gwangmyung Velodrome and so on)